Price Guide



Fare estimate for point to point transfer calculated based on area rates and actual trip distance and not by time. Lower rates for long distance transfers and lower hourly rates apply based on the number of hours scheduled for hourly services.

Airport Parking and Wait Time

Airport parking fees are included on the base fare of the trip. Drivers will attempt to minimise wait time by monitoring flight arrival times and driving into the parking areas as close as possible to arrival time. Quote includes 15 minutes free wait time at the first pickup location for a transfer and 30 minutes free wait time for Airport pickup, no wait time charge will be calculated for flight delays. Additional waiting time will be payable at $1.5 per minute.


We will not be adding tolls on top of the fare. All the price quoted online or by email will be including tolls.

Special Events

Special events for calendar events, concerts, sporting, racing, formal and wedding transfers and wedding getaway transfers will incur a special event premium. Only if you have not selected the correct service type when making a booking online, the premium will be added as an extra charge over and above the calculated fare of the trip that you see online.

Special event rates will be shown online if you select the right service type according to your trip occasion. Special event transfers includes the first 15 minutes complementary wait time and additional time will be calculated at $3 per minute or by the hourly rate calculated proportionally. Please contact us for more info regarding special event premium.

By accepting this terms and conditions, you have also agree that we may take photos of your events for our promotional purposes on our website and social media.


Surcharges will apply for any pickup commencing within the specified time frames will incur surcharge by percentage of total fare as quoted online or as provided in the final quote confirmation:

Late night, 10.00pm – 11.59pm
After mid night, 12am – 3.59am
Early morning, 4.00am – 6.30am
Weekend, Saturday and Sunday
Public holidays and New Year’s Eve

Availability and final price may vary based on vehicle availability and distance from available cars to your location, this will be confirmed after you have submitted your booking request.

Availability is limited and cannot be guaranteed till the booking is confirmed and payment or deposit is secured. Therefore it is recommend to request and confirm your booking at your earliest opportunity and payment will be required in full to reserve the vehicle in less then 3 months.

Credit Card Merchant fees of 3% for Visa and MasterCard and 5% for American Express may incur on top of the total quoted price and will be added automatically when you make a booking online.


For transfers only, minimum fare is payable for cancellation in less than 24 hours and the full amount for cancellation in less then 3 hour from booking time and no cancellation fee if the flight is cancelled or diverted. Cancellation fee and deposit are non-refundable.

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